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We suggest you bring the rifle(s) you are most comfortable with.  It is important to spend time on the shooting range before your African hunt commences. You should also familiarise yourself with being able to shoot off shooting sticks.  You will sight your rifle(s) prior to the start of your hunt, however, you must be familiar with your rifle.  If you intend on hunting any one of the Big 5, it is required by law a 375 is the minimum calibre with which you will be permitted to hunt.

Please bear in mind that according to South African law, it is prohibited to bring a semi-automatic firearm into the country.  Depending on how many animals you aim to shoot, we suggest about 40-60 rounds of ammunition per calibre should be adequate.  Remember the cleaning equipment!



We cater for bow and cross bow hunting. Depending on what part of Africa you hunt, special permits may be required to do so. By law if you pursue big game animals, a minimum of 80 pound draw weight is required. A 50 to 70 pounds draw weight would be more then adequate for a plains game safaris.


  • Photographic safaris

  • Fishing:  Off shore and fresh water angling (tiger fishing)

  • Day trips:  Depending on what part of Africa you hunt, there would be trips available to take in the beauty and splendour on offer.  (Please enquire)

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